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Added value for the banana trade

The employees of Banafood Services GmbH, one of the most modern ripening companies in Europe, know all there is to know about the transport and ripening process - so the bananas arrive at your shop fresh and with the right colour.

Lots more than just banana ripening

In addition to taking care of transport and ripening, we work together with you to create an attractive display in your shop. Our enthusiastic experts are happy to share their knowledge of the right care and presentation of bananas. Everything is taken care of and nothing is left to chance. In this way you are guaranteed optimum banana quality in your shop.

Want to know more?

Would you like to know more? Ring or mail us and come and take a look in our banana facility in Straelen. We are easily accessible, close to the Venlo auction on the A40/ A67 on the new Gartenbau Süd industrial estate

In the shops

Tips and advice on banana care and presentation.
Customised displays of materials for optimum banana quality.
Poster with explanation how employees in the potato, vegetable and fruit sector can best handle the bananas.
Training in ripening facility for potato, vegetable and fruit chefs.

The banana... a healthy fruit!

The banana grows in a truss weighing about 50 kg on a banana plant. All bananas in the truss ripen at the same time. The bananas have a curved shape; because of gravity the flower truss hangs downwards, but the fruit continues to grow upwards. The banana is a healthy fruit, rich in vitamin C, B6, B12, magnesium and tryptophan with a high potassium content and a low salt content. The banana also contains a lot of iron and is high in fibre. This means that bananas help against anaemia and regulate blood pressure. Eating a banana is good for the immune system and helps against stress, morning sickness, burning stomach acid, flu, colds and a hangover.

The banana skin
The inside of a banana skin also has a positive effect. It helps against fly bites and itching. You can also polish your shoes with the inside of the skin. The banana - healthy and multifunctional!

Guaranteed quality with bananas ripened by
Banafood Services GmbH

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